The vocal quartet “Vaya” was established by four young Bulgarian folk singers who graduated from the Academy of Music Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv. Vaya Quartet has had the recent opportunity to perform on stages in Bulgaria and around the world. The group also has a great deal of  experience with leading Bulgarian folk singing workshops and teaching special vocal techniques. 

Vaya quartet was as fortunate enough to work under Dora Hristova, the conductor of the world famous choir “The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices”. At the beginning of 2012, the quartet has been joined by the young and talented conductor Gancho Gavazov. Vaya Quartet's repertoire consists of principles from traditional folk songs infused with contemporary pieces composed by young artists.
Vaya Quartet also presents their programme in different variants with modern choreography.

The name Vaya derives from an old Bulgarian name for the Christian holiday “Palm Sunday”, which is celebrated a week before Easter. According to the traditional calendar this holiday coincides with the blossoming of flowers and the arrival of spring.

The future plans of Vaya Quartet are connected to the most popular songs among fans at performances, as the group takes part in different concerts and festivals on stages in Bulgaria and around the world.