Marina Stefanova-Kaneva

was born in the town of Targovishte. She became involved in folk singing at a very young age. In 2011 Marina graduated Performing Arts of Folk Singing at the Academy in Plovdiv. As a soloist of many folk groups and choirs, Marina has taken part in multiple concerts and festivals both in Bulgaria and abroad. Over the last years she has been awarded in many national folk competitions.
In 2009 she recorded folk songs from her region for the Bulgarian National Radio fund. Marina is currently working as a choir soloist for the Folk Songs and Dance Ensemble in the town of Pazardzhik.
Marina enjoys performing songs from all folk regions of Bulgaria but the lyrical folk songs from the region of Dobrudzha are closest to her heart.
Sonya Bakoeva

was born in Popovo, Bulgaria but her family roots are from the Kyustendil area. In 2010 Sonya graduated from the Academy in Plovdiv with degrees in the Performing Arts of Folk Singing and Conducting of Folk Ensembles. In 2009 Sonya took part in an exchange program which brought her to Helsinki, Finland where she studied Finnish folklore. In 2009 she received an annual award from the chancellor of the Academy of Music Dance and Fine Arts for her activities and achievements. In the spring of 2010 Sonya was again awarded by the Academy for her overall participation in concerts as well as her excellent grades.
In May of 2011 Sonya made the official music video to represent Bulgaria for the festival "Biennale" in Venice, Italy.
Iliana Tabor

was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She grew up under the melodies of the Bulgarian folk instrument - the gadulka and all types of traditional Bulgarian folk music. From her early childhood Iliana performed as a singer and also danced in concerts and recitles.
In 2007 Iliana was admited to the Academy of Music Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv with a focus on the Performing Arts of Folk Singing. She also graduated with a master's degree in Art Management. Iliana was a member of the Academic Folk Choir, conducted by Kostadin Buradzhiev. The group earned a "World Champion" tittle at the World Choir Olympics in Graz, Austria in 2008.

Gergana Taskova

was born in Harmanli, Bulgaria. She showed her ability to sing at a young age and has been named one of the best performers of traditional Thracian folk songs.
Gergana attended secondary school in Plovdiv with a focus on Bulgarian national folk singing. While studying she took part in various performances often winning a first place title. After, she continued her studies and graduated at the Academy in Plovdiv with a master's degrees in the Performing Arts of Folk Singing  and Art Management .
Gergana is currently studying her PhD at the Academy in Plovdiv and working as a teacher of traditional folk singing.

Gancho Gavazov

was born in Karlovo, Bulgaria. Although no one in his family was a musician, Gancho showed his musical talents at a young age and began to play the traditional Bulgarian instrument the gadulka. He graduated from the Academy in Plovdiv with degrees in the Performing Arts - the gadulka and the Conducting of Folk Ensembles.
Gancho is currently working as a gadulka teacher and also as the conductor of the school choir at the National School of Folk Art, Shiroka Luka.
Gancho actively writes arrangements of Bulgarian folk songs which bodly display his personal expertise and talent. He was recently awarded 1st and 2nd prize for two of his compositions at the national competition "New Bulgarian folk music at 7/8" in Chepelare, Bulgaria, 2013.

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